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  • Children and Cancer,  by Aneesah Fakhro

  • Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.3664, P.11, 1999.
  • Hope,  by Aneesah Fakhro

  • Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.2942, P.17, 1997.
  • Seminar about breast cancer, "Guest speaker, Dr. Abdul Rahman Fakhro":

  • We should expect a future increase in cancer cases, by Faisal Hayat.
    Dr. Fakhro emphasizes the value of women education about breast self-examination and women cancer education programs.
    Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.2865, P.13, 1997.
  • Change in life style is threatening Arab GCC countries with spread of cancer.

  • Al Watan Kuwaiti Newspaper, N.694, p.3, 1997.
  • Jameelah Al-Samak: It is about time to inform the cancer patient about his/her illness.

  • by Osmat Al Mousaoui
    Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.2774, P.11, 1996.
  • Will the increased effort stop the spread of breast cancer in Bahrain? 

  • by Saeed Mohamed
    Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.2550, P.11, 1996.
  • Where is the Doctor? By Mohammed Fadel

  • “…it is becoming obvious today that death by natural causes is becoming rare in Bahrain which is the result of increased deaths caused by cancer, heart disease and others...”
    Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.2566, P.4, 1996.
  • Undesirable Topic: "Cancer", by Aneesah Fakhro

  • Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.2310, P.11, 1995.
  • To continue early cancer detection program will lead to a major increase in breast cancer among Bahraini women during the next 10 years, by Ala'ah Jabri

  • Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.2362, P.4, 1995.
  • In Bahrain, lung Cancer is most spread among both sexes, followed by breast cancer.

  • Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.2345, P.7, 1995.
  • More foreigners smoke than Bahrainis, however, Bahraini women smokers is on the rise... by Aishah Ghareeb

  • Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.2285, P.7, 1995.
  • One in seven Bahrainis, is a smoker. by Jumanah Awadah

  • Al Ayam Bahraini Newspaper, N.2283, P.4, 1995.
  • Professor Salem: Health care education will eliminate breast and lung cancers.

  • Al Watan Kuwaiti Newspaper, N.225, p.3, 1995.
  • Kuwait rated among the leading countries in cigarette smoking

  • Al Watan Kuwaiti Newspaper, N.207, p.3, 1995.
  • Country-wide survey in Kuwait to identify reasons for significant increase in breast cancer (cases were doubled in past 15 years).

  • Al Watan Kuwaiti Newspaper, N.294, p.3, 1995.
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